April 2014 Best Of Show

Best-of-April-2014-digitalFor the first time EVER Divine Comedy is performing their April BEST OF show on Thursday the 10th, Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th. With two shows on Friday and Saturday at 7pm and 9pm and a special Thursday show at 8pm, Divine Comedy is catering to a variety of schedules.

The Best Of show is a conglomerate of the audience’s favorite sketches from first two shows of the semester. Audience members vote to decide which sketches are the Best, and Divine Comedy combines them into a highly entertaining experience for friends, families, dates and the occasional individual.

This special performance will also include parodies of The Hunger Games and Frozen, as well as reworked and updated sketches with never-before-seen material.

Tickets can be purchased at BYU’s Wilkinson Center Information Desk.


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2 Responses to April 2014 Best Of Show

  1. Karen says:

    Hi. i just heard your parody of seasons of love at the unforum and laughed out loud! I’ve been trying to find a video of it somewhere on the web, but I’ve been unsuccessful. I can only guess that it’s brand new material? Is there a way I could get a video or recording of it? My nieces and nephews are dying to hear it.

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