October Show!

The wait is over…this weekend!!

We have sold out all shows both Friday and Saturday nights!

Miss your chance to get tickets but still want to see the show? We’ll have our Tech Show on Wednesday, tomorrow night at 8:00 PM in 251 of the Tanner building.  No tickets are required, but seats fill up quickly and when we are full we’re full and will have to send people away–so get there early to get a spot!

Also, don’t worry too much if you couldn’t get tickets this time: our “Best Of” show features all of our best skits from throughout the semester.

This Winter’s Best Of show will be on Nov. 30th & Dec. 1st.

Hope to see you there!

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4 Responses to October Show!

  1. Shae says:

    I’m bringing my daughters for a campus tour later this week & wondering if there is any way to visit Studio C or anything related to Divine Comedy? They are involved in theater and are huge fans of the troupe.

    • Hi Shae, unfortunately most of us (DC cast members) are away from provo at the moment for the holiday, but Studio C is filmed at the BYU Broadcasting building on campus (it’s new and beautiful and right by the Marriot Center) and the building may allow you to see some Studio C related things. We can’t promise anything, but maybe it’s worth a shot?

      Hope you have a great trip with your daughters, and maybe getting them tickets to one of our shows this semester would make you the greatest mom ever? just a thought 🙂

      • Shae says:

        Thanks for the reply. We’re actually back in Michigan now, but had a nice visit to campus. Best of luck this season. We’ll be watching you on byutv! BTW, you mentioned you were a cast member. My girls wanted to know which one you are…

      • So glad you had a nice visit–and thanks for watching! And this is James 🙂

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