About Divine Comedy

1.   How/When did Divine Comedy get started?
In 1994 two BYU students were in a communications class together and found that they had a common love of sketch comedy that was clean but still really, really funny. They decided to start a comedy troupe. They held auditions for cast members and behold, Divine Comedy was born. Each year a few members would leave the group and they would hold auditions to replace them. Being in Divine Comedy is a bit like being the Dread Pirate Roberts.

2.  Is Divine Comedy a club?
No. Divine Comedy used to be a club that operated under BYUSA. As Divine Comedy’s popularity grew, BYUSA became increasingly uncomfortable with us until they eventually invited us to leave. Two great things came of this: A seemingly limitless supply of BYUSA jokes and a new sponsorship through the Theatre Media Arts Department. Divine Comedy now shares the same organization status as Living Legends and other well-known BYU sponsored groups.

3. What is the difference between Divine Comedy and Studio C?
We get this question frequently since the first episode of Studio C aired in October of 2012 and here’s the scoop: Studio C is an amazing sketch comedy TV show that airs currently on BYUTV (check them out here). The idea of Studio C was conceived by then cast member Matthew Meese and then brought to life by the great people over at BYU Broadcasting. You can see alumni and current cast members Jason Gray, Whitney Call, Mallory Everton, Jeremy Warner, Adam Berg, Natalie Madsen, James Perry, Stephen Meek, and Stacey Harkey appear in the show, which completed it’s first successful season at the end of 2012. While Studio C loves Divine Comedy and Divine Comedy loves Studio C, they are separate entities. Divine Comedy’s humor is geared towards a BYU and LDS audience while Studio C does not appeal specifically to an LDS or BYU  specific audience.

4.  What is it like to be in Divine Comedy?
Being in the group is like being hit by a semi filled with pillows. It hurts a lot more than you would think. We spend over 40 hours in rehersal for each show that we do.

5.  Where has Divine Comedy performed?
Over the years Divine Comedy has performed at BYU idaho, Utah State, Sacramento California, Los Angeles California, New York, Boise State University, and BYU Hawaii.

6.  Is _______ (insert cast member’s name here) available? Will he/she go out with me?
Some are and some aren’t. If you are interested, submit a picture and date itinerary and we’ll get back to you :). If you’re really serious, use the Contact page to send us an e-mail and ask, we can forward it to them. Good luck!

About the Shows

1.  When is your next show?
We do three shows a semester. Check the website for dates and times.

2.  Your shows were sold out before I could get tickets, will you have another show?
Maybe. Bonus shows depend heavily on how busy the DC team is and whether or not we can reserve the venue for those times. If enough people ask, we’ll do one if we can.

3.  Can we videotape the shows?
Only if you’re doing it for us, with our permission. Ask and see.

4.  How long are the shows?
Each show is approximately 90 minutes (an hour and a half for those bad at math).

5.  What do you do with the money from the ticket sales?
A large chunk of the money goes to paying for the auditorium, sound equipment, lighting and projection crew (JSB only), props, costumes, box office fees, custodial fees, event staff, and any other production related cost we forgot to mention. The money that is left goes to our sponsor (the Theatre Media Arts department) and gets used as they see fit. No one on the DC team gets paid.

6.  How do you decide who is going to play each part in the skits?
Some skits are written with certain cast members in mind. Any other parts are decided through an advanced combination of arguing, pleading, and paper-scissors-rock.

7.  How often does Divine Comedy rehearse?
The DC cast rehearses every Tuesday and Thursday night for a couple of hours. The week of a show, that number jumps to a rehearsal every night.

8.  Who writes the skits?
The troupe members are all expected to contribute one or two scripts for every show. Some alumni members of the group occasionally contribute material when they can.

9.  Can Divine Comedy perform at my (insert event here)?
Because the DC team is made up of students that work for free, our time can be pretty limited sometimes. Use the Contact page to get in communication with us and we’ll talk.

Joining Divine Comedy

1.   How do I join Divine Comedy?
That depends on what you want to do. Divine Comedy holds auditions every September to replace the performers that have had to move on. If you’d like to work on some other aspect of the show, contact the crew using the Contact page on the website and tell us what you’d like to do. If we can use you, we will.

2.  What do you look for in auditions?
Creativity, stage presence, flexibility, and overall “funny factor” are some of the more important aspects we look at when auditioning. In the end, we pick the people that can contribute the most to the troupe when we hold auditions. About half of the troupe got in on their second audition.

3.  How long should my audition piece be?
Two minutes.

4.  What should I prepare for my audition?
Something original that demonstrates your comedic abilities. See the Join DC section of the website for more information.

5.  Do you have to be a BYU student to join Divine Comedy?
Yes. To join Divine Comedy you must be a student at BYU.

Divine Comedy Media and Products

1.   Can I get a copy of _______ (insert favorite video or poster here)?
No. We’ll consider changing this policy when there is more time and money available.

2.  How can I get a DC T-shirt?
They are available at the door of each show.

3.  Can I get a DVD or CD or your shows?
Not currently–check out our YouTube!